What’s the Most Important Factor in Deciding Where to Work? The answer may surprise you.

We recently surveyed 2000 hourly employees at local businesses around the country. We’ll be sharing those results in a series of posts over time, but let’s start with the most surprising.

We asked employees to rate, on a scale of one to five, with five being “most important,” what factors they consider when deciding where to work. We assumed pay would be the number one determinant, but we were wrong.

In determining where to work, what criteria are important to you?

  1. Friendliness of work environment (4.5)
  2. Pay (4.41)
  3. Hours (the number overall or the number guaranteed) (4.31)
  4. A stable and predictable schedule (4.3)
  5. A flexible schedule (based on your availability and the ability to trade shifts) (4.21)
  6. Visibility into pay / ability to track pay (4.1)
  7. Location (4.06)
  8. Type of business (3.98)
  9. Recognition of employees (3.83)
  10. A cool or popular place to work (3.16)
  11. Working with friends (2.72)

Ravi Dehar Ravi works on the marketing team at Homebase. In the past, Ravi has also worked at Yelp, SeatMe, and Google, helping local businesses save time and money.

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