World’s Largest MBA Tour is Coming to Chicago 6/25


Good day Global Small Business Blog fans!  Join the world’s largest MBA tour in Chicago!

An MBA is a distinction in the workplace and a designation in the world of business. However, more importantly it’s a confidence booster, a way of thinking analytically and critically, and a training ground for making better personal and professional decisions.

This event will answer all of your MBA-related questions through presentations, networking opportunities, and valuable interactions with recruiters from 25+ top business schools.

In addition, you’ll also receive the following for free:  a professional LinkedIn Headshot, your resume reviewed, access to a pool of scholarships worth $7M and much more.

All of this is FREE of charge for those attending, so register today or well before 6/25! Space is limited.  Sign up here.

Chicago Workshop Teaches Small Businesses about the Voice of the Customer

Voice actor business

The Voice of the Customer (VOC) grows louder every day. Customers can now share a bad experience easily with the world. They can take to social media, a website, blog, review sites, or forums to voice their discontent. Handle the problem quickly. Otherwise your brand could take a big hit.

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) plans a workshop titled “Listening to the Voice of the Customer,” to teach how to accelerate your marketing efforts by using VOC research.

Attendees will participate with hands-on exercises and activities to build the necessary skills for executing VOC at their companies.

Some of the topics to be covered in the workshop include identifying the right customers to interview, choosing the right structure and asking the right questions — the right way. Then analyze customer interviews to extract customer needs and more.

The workshop puts you closer  to a higher goal. The two full days (16 hours) of credit count toward the Product Development and Management Association’s New Product Development Professional certification and re-certification.

The event occurs at the University Club of Chicago and runs October 16-17, 2019.

Click the button and enter Discount Code SMALLBIZ to get $100 off the course registration price.

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Elevate Your Digital InfluenceElevate Your Digital Influence
April 13, 2019, Issaquah, Wash.

Are you ready to grow your business? Join us and learn how to put together a PR plan and leverage what you are doing on social to grow your level of influence. Are you ready to be a leader in your marketplace? #ElevateYourDigitalInfluence

Listening to the Voice of the Customer WorkshopListening to the Voice of the Customer Workshop
April 23, 2019, Boston, Mass.

Join Applied Marketing Science (AMS) for the next open-enrollment session of “Listening to the Voice of the Customer,” our acclaimed training workshop, on April 23-24, 2019 at the Sheraton Boston Hotel located in the heart of downtown Boston. Led by veteran product development and market research experts, Gerry Katz (AMS Vice Chairman), and John Burns (AMS Principal), this course will introduce Voice of the Customer market research and teach you to use it to accelerate innovation in business-to-business markets.
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SMALLBIZ ($100 Discount)

Beachpreneurs Beach Camp 5Beachpreneurs Beach Camp 5
April 26, 2019, Daytona Beach, Fla.

For starters, we’re for Women Entrepreneurs only. During Beach Camp, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to learn, apply and mastermind with warm successful women.
You’ll also have time to sleep in and you’ll get long breaks to relax and walk the beach or go for a swim. We didn’t create a conference at the beach just to lock you away in a conference room from dawn til dusk. Beach Camp is a lifestyle focused event so you’ll be spending as much time enjoying your life as you will be focusing on your business. Join us today!

Listening to the Voice of the Customer Listening to the Voice of the Customer
October 16, 2019, Chicago, Ill.

Led by veteran product development and market research experts, this course will introduce Voice of the Customer (VOC) market research and teach you to use it to accelerate innovation in business-to-business markets. The workshop uses a lively, interactive format with numerous hands-on activities and practice exercises to build skills and will also expose you to the latest applications of these techniques in areas such as machine learning and journey mapping.
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SMALLBIZ ($100 Off)

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